New! APPEN Online Content Evaluator – Work from Home, Flexible Hours Daily

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Appen, the #1 Employer on Flexjobs’s Top 100 Employers for Flexible work, is hiring for work from home roles with either 1 or 4 hours daily.  We offer competitive pay, free training and the ability to set your own work schedule.

Our clients are the top technology companies in the world.  We are a global technology and language consulting firm, operating in 130 countries.  We staff projects of 1000s of people to give input that our clients rely on to make the internet experience better for all users.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing global team for the world’s top Internet search engine companies!

As an Online Content / Social Media/ Web Search Evaluator, you will evaluate the quality and relevance of information in your assigned area which may be newsfeed, ads, online or web search results.  You will log in to the site via our tool where you will give input on whether each piece of information is the most effective and relevant content.

Before you receive your first assignment you will complete a qualification process that may span several days. Once accepted on a project, you must meet consistent service levels that measure the quality of your work.

Work schedule:

  • 1 – 4 hours a day (you choose when you work each day)
  • 5 days per week


  • Computer (Windows 7 or above, or Mac) or a smartphone (preferably Android OS) less than 3 years old
  • A secured high-speed Internet connection
  • Strong English communication
  • Active user (daily) of social media
  • Must have at least 25+ Facebook friends and/or have the following:
    • Must have 25+ followers on Instagram
    • Must follow 40+ other users on Instagram

LINK TO APPLY: Online Content Evaluator

*Informasi ini saya peroleh dari Linkedin Staffing Specialist Appen: Kristine Amantiad

*Untuk link ini sudah saya coba dan ada pilihan INDONESIA

Note: Appen is actively hiring for many clients.  We have other opportunities which may be contractor or employee status, or have different schedules and requirements.  Our team will reach out if other projects are a better fit, or you’re also welcome to check them out or jump to the 4 hour version of this opportunity here





16 responses

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  2. mba ini betul bisa dikerjain 4 jam perhari? di tempat sebelah cuma 1 jam/hari. sarannya dong mba, apa saya apply saja dan pindah ke appen.


  3. Mba kalau kita udah di LF sbg SEE dan ini apply jg di Apen tp sbg SME tidak menyalahi policy ya kan Mba? (Minta pembenaran :p


  4. 1 lagi Mba, saya td kelupaan, saya baca di Apen utk SME tidak ada kota saya, tetapi ada yg dekat dgn kota yg tersedia, kira2 ada peluang diterima ga sih Mba? Makasih Mba


  5. mbak sy udah daftar d appen sbg SEE katanya disuruh ngirim KTP dsb in english maksudnya kita edit ktp ny jd english semua?


  6. iy sy bingung ny apa kita edit sendiri ktp nya takut nanti bermasalah sih..
    btw kmarin ada interview via skype nggak?


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