New Change, Appen To Rebrand Leapforce as ‘Appen Connect’

The day has finally come!

I have anticipated this will happen after Appen acquired Leapforce in November 2017. I got the announcement on November 29, 2017 by email.



Today, Appen announced a deal to acquire Leapforce.  This is an exciting development in the work-from-home market. By joining forces with Appen, we envision even more opportunities for our contractors in the future.

Well any way, annyeooong! Hello, Holla Im back! Its been ages I didnt write here 😂

Pagi ini kerjaan lumayan sepi, jadi saya sempetin buat mampir kesini, sekalian ngasih info kalo nanti ga ada Leapforce lagi tapi ‘Appen Connect’

Beberapa menit yang lalu saya mendapat email baru dari Leapforce support:

Dear Independent Contractor,

As part of Appen’s recent acquisition of Leapforce, a decision was made to expand the existing functionality of the Leapforce workforce management platform, customizing it to meet the more diverse and complex business requirements of Appen. This new platform will be named, Appen Connect.

We are upgrading our internal systems. Accordingly, will be retired and you will be re-directed to a new domain

Well lets see, what’s gonna change

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3 thoughts

  1. halo mba, saya salah satu orang yang berhasil dapet inspirasi dari mbak nih hehe dari awal baca2 blog mba aja sampe akhirnya sekarang kerja di appen di projek Falcon URI. bener – bener membantu bgt mba dari kerjaan appen ini pendapatan nambah hihi tapi yaaa balik lagi dari omongan mbak gaji kita ga nentu tiap bulan berasa naik roller coster hahahaha, but anyway aku juga abis di email kaya gini mbak semoga dengan appen connect ini kerjaan jadi nambah banyak ya akhir2 ini sedikit terus nih wkwkw

    semangat mbak di tunggu update2an blog nya tentang kerja dirumah kaya gini lagi yaaaaa

    good bless u

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