Curhat Kerja Online 3: 2 Tahun Bersama Leapforce, and Still Counting!

Happy 2nd anniversary to me and Leapforce! 2 tahun sudah berlalu and still welcoming more memories to come. Bulan Mei 2018 ini, tepat saya 2 tahun bekerja di Leapforce dan akhir April 2018 lalu, alhamdulillah contract saya diperpanjang. Yayy!

Pengalaman lika liku kerja online

Ga kerasa, 2 tahun berjalan begitu cepat. Jadi keinget pas awal-awal kerja online.

Mei 2016 lalu saya mulai bekerja di Leapforce sebagai search engine evaluator. Kurang lebih satu bulan setelah kontrak saya di terminate dari Social Media Evaluator Appen untuk project Facebook.

Termination? hmmm disappointed but not surprised. Sepertinya udah jadi hal yang biasa dan harus siap kamu alami, kalo kamu kerja online. Termination bisa datang kapan pun tanpa permisi.

Ok lah, ini saatnya saya curhat pengalaman kerja online saya mulai dari awal

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Fyuh Hampir Saja Putus Cinta Sama Appen

There are things that we dont want to happen but have to accept, things we dont want to know but have to learn, and something we cant live without but to let go

Kalau inget hari Selasa, 26 September 2017, tepatnya jam 22.27 WIB saat pihak Appen mengirim email berjudul “Removal from production bla bla bla” rasanya tuh I can barely breathe, my heart stops beating, and breaks into a million pieces



Jinjja! Rasanya diputus kontrak kerja online itu kekna jauh lebih sakit dibanding putus cinta. (kekna tapi ya, soalnya ga tahu juga putus cinta kek apa rasanya kekekeke, kalo kata orang sih sakit banget, katanyaa).

Ya mau gimana, kalau udah terbiasa kerja online, dengan jam yang fleksibel rasanya gimana gitu, ga siap kalau harus nyari kerjaan lain. Too good at goodbyes Hiks!

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New! APPEN Online Content Evaluator – Work from Home, Flexible Hours Daily

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Appen, the #1 Employer on Flexjobs’s Top 100 Employers for Flexible work, is hiring for work from home roles with either 1 or 4 hours daily.  We offer competitive pay, free training and the ability to set your own work schedule.

Our clients are the top technology companies in the world.  We are a global technology and language consulting firm, operating in 130 countries.  We staff projects of 1000s of people to give input that our clients rely on to make the internet experience better for all users.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing global team for the world’s top Internet search engine companies!

As an Online Content / Social Media/ Web Search Evaluator, you will evaluate the quality and relevance of information in your assigned area which may be newsfeed, ads, online or web search results.  You will log in to the site via our tool where you will give input on whether each piece of information is the most effective and relevant content.

Before you receive your first assignment you will complete a qualification process that may span several days. Once accepted on a project, you must meet consistent service levels that measure the quality of your work.

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